There is a beauty in awakening
to awareness.








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Hi, I'm Lacie. I bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to my teaching style which is both comprehensive and transformative. I truly enjoy connecting with all people by listening and creating sequences and strategies that tune into your needs.

More About Me

Mantra Monday

Set the frequency of your week with a short and sweet Yoga sequence that begins with Fire Ceremony, awakening the body with dynamic asana and evolves into meditation and mantra.

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Warrior Wednesday

Inspired by Forrest Yoga, infused with style diversity. Comprised of intense and vigorous sequences with long holding poses rooted in breath, physical intensity, emotional cleansing, spiritual purification
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Temple Breath Thursday

Our body is our temple, our breath is the key to unlocking freedom within. Prepare for a blissful sleep inspired by Kundalini Yoga techniques and relaxing asanas.   
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What can you expect from a virtual class?

Community, Commitment & Wise Progression.
Sequences and strategies that tune into student needs, creative and effective modifications,  
access to a community through private group enriching your life with tools that work

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"Lacie's experience and expertise shine in her well-rounded classes that manage to challenge as well as relax you into flow."
"Lacie's Wednesday Warrior class is a dynamic flow that offers strengthening and stamina as an added benefit to your daily life. It covers a range of material that anyone can do as it can be modified to your abilities." 
"Lacie’s knowledge regarding the fundamentals of yoga make her class so informative and enjoyable!"

There is a flavour of tranquility when walking the yogic path

 I am still growing, evolving, studying, engaging in everything and anything that enhances my connection to the harmonics of the base line of our existence. To offer a greater contribution to the peace within, the peace of our community, planet, and universe. To devote myself as a student and teacher of graceful transformation in the foundation of kindness and strength. There is a beauty in awakening oneself to awareness, there is a balance of energies when we take action towards truth.

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